How SEO Can Make Your Site Eco-Friendly

You probably know that if you have a website, you need to keep your search engine optimisation (SEO) on point- especially if you are a business owner. SEO helps your website rank highly on search results and helps more people find your website. Obviously, improving the number of visitors to your site increases the chance that you will capture business. But, what if it can help the environment as well by making your site more eco-friendly?

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What is crawlability?

While it can seem straightforward, SEO is a complex operation. It involves many factors and requires a lot of work to upkeep. One piece of SEO that is frequently overlooked is crawlability. Crawlability refers to a search engine’s ability to find, access, and index your site through the use of crawling “bots”. Essentially, the more crawlable your site is, the more easily a search engine can find and display your site. The more easily this happens, the higher you will rank. However, higher rankings are not the only benefit of an easily crawled site- this also helps your site to be more eco-friendly.

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How does crawlability relate to the environment and being eco-friendly?

Crawling requires a lot of resources. It takes a lot of electricity for search engines to crawl the ever-growing number of URLs. Not only are bots crawling new pages, but they re-crawl old pages that contain any changes or updates as well. They also may crawl or attempt to crawl the same page multiple times. Considering the trillions of active URLs across the internet, you can imagine that this level of crawling takes a lot of resources.

By enhancing your overall SEO, you make your site more efficient for crawlers. Increased efficiency means bots can find and index your site much quicker, reducing the use of electricity and other resources. This can make your site much more eco-friendly! Specifically optimising for crawlability can particularly enhance this effect.

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How can I make my site more efficient and eco-friendly for crawlers?

It is no easy task to make your site more crawlable. Unless you are an SEO professional, you will likely encounter difficulties. This is because SEO is complicated and you need to know just how to manipulate your site to fit your needs! We recommend reaching out to the experts here at Bend Cloud. We can help you improve your SEO and ensure your site is eco-friendly and sustainable.

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