Central Oregon Internet Exchange Meeting

On April 25th 2023, the Central Oregon Internet Exchange hosted a board meeting.

Board updates

John Warta stepped down from his position on the board as chairman to allow the position to be filled by someone else. Justin Radke was unanimously voted in to the board.

All board members up for reelection were voted in.

Jacob Roe-Buer – remained President

Tim Howe – remained Vice President/Secretary

Michael Phillips – remained Treasurer

COIX members

Current members include BendTel, Cascade Divide, Link Oregon, Tier.Net, Yellowknife, and Bend Cloud.

Potential new members include LSN, TDS, and Cloud Flare.

General internet exchange information

An internet exchange, also known as an IX or IXP, is a physical location where Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, and other networks come together to exchange Internet traffic between their networks.

At an internet exchange, ISPs can exchange traffic without the need to use costly long-distance links or transit providers. This reduces the cost of bandwidth for each participant and improves the speed and quality of Internet connections.

The exchange point itself consists of a switch or router that interconnects the networks of the participants, allowing them to exchange traffic directly. IXPs may be operated by a neutral third party or by one of the participating networks.