9 Essential Cyber Security Tips For Businesses

Cyber Security is an all encompassing term for security for anything that has electronics in it whether connected to the Internet or not. Besides desktop computers it means, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, network devices, etc.

Some common Cyber Security best practices are listed below to help keep your business protected from cyber disaster:

Control physical access to your computers and other IT equipment

I know it sounds like common sense but periodically test your in house cyber security systems. If employees work from home you will want to ensure that all equipment used in the normal course of business is adequately secure both physically and electronically.

Know physically where your most valuable data resides!

Having your data in close proximity to your business makes it easier to respond during a disaster recovery scenario.

Backup, backup, backup.

I say it three times because that is how many separate backups you should have. One backup on your device, another backup locally not on your device and one offsite in a secure data center.

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Keep legacy software up to date and upgrade hardware devices every three years

Outdated devices like firewalls, routers. WiFi access points, etc. can be a cyber security liability as vendors usually stop updating devices after three years.

Use Multi-factor Authentication

Enough said, it’s an annoyance to wait for a text on your phone but ensures that the person logging in to your system is actually who they purport to be.

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Have Bend Cloud Conduct a Cyber Security Assessment

Bend Cloud provides free cursory cyber security assessments. Conduct annual validation and testing of Disaster Recovery and automatic failover. 

Have Bend Cloud assist you in creating Security & Disaster Recovery Plans for your business.

Periodically conduct Cyber Security training with all employees

We will be discussing some of these and other Cyber Security topics in future articles but please contact Bend Cloud today if we can help you with your security questions and needs.

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