The Best Programming Language to Learn for Website Development

Choosing the best programming language to learn is one of the most challenging parts of learning web development. There are hundreds of languages being used worldwide, with each type offering its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Specialization in one programming language may also provide higher wages than in other programming languages. Over time, software developers are eventually able to determine which languages suit their styles and career goals.

What is the most popular programming language?

Several programming languages have gained popularity in mobile development, game development, and web development. Developers must understand what they want to build to determine what is the best programming languages to learn. The most popular web development languages include JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP. They’re all quite easy for beginners to grasp. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, which considered the opinions of nearly 65,000 developers in February 2020, 67.7% of all respondents used JavaScript. It’s the most commonly used programming language for the eighth year in a row. There are several reasons for this.

What is JavaScript?

Netscape programmer Brandan Eich developed JavaScript in 1995 just a few days. Today, JavaScript is used to generate 95.2% of all websites, including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, LinkedIn, and QQ. The scripting language is commonly used alongside CSS and HTML. This gives websites a combination of functionality and structure.

The software operates within one’s browser, but it can also work on servers. Its user-friendly interface and vast online community make it one of the first choices, and why people consider it the best programming language to learn. Though JavaScript and Java sound similar, the former’s primary use is to make websites more interactive. In contrast, the latter is used to develop Android and desktop apps, among others. Java also requires a virtual machine to run, while JavaScript runs on browsers.

Why use JavaScript?

JavaScript allows users to edit the content on displayed documents, control browsers, and even develop games. It uses much of the syntax of C language and is accepted by every popular browser without developers having to install any extra software. Referred to as a client-side language, JavaScript can run on each user’s processor, effectively saving bandwidth on the webserver. Learn more about webservers here.

It’s relatively easy to learn, with many users taking advantage of the predefined functionalities the software offers. End-users experience the result of any changes quickly, considering that tasks need not occur on the webserver. The software does not require compilation either because browsers interpret it as HTML. The programming language is also event-based. This means every single event corresponds to its code segment. It is the best programming language to learn in part because of this.

Developers can use frameworks such as React, Vue, Ember, Angular, and jQuery to improve workflow. Though JavaScript is known to benefit clients, it also finds use in back-end development. The software is so widely used, and JavaScript knowledge is greatly valued in various markets, leading to JavaScript developers earning around $116,000 a year.

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