Google Redesigned Its Mobile Search Page (It’s Not What You Expected)

Everybody knows that Google is the number one search engine and this is no coincidence. The people from Google still want to surprise their users with innovative decisions, and their new mobile search engine brings something new to the package. The new and improved responsive design adds a news feed to your starting search page that will show trending topics from your area. This new feature won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s only a matter of time until a huge amount of people start to use it. Time will tell.


In today’s advanced technology times, everybody uses high-end mobile devices and search engines. Everybody is aware what Google is, and this is no coincidence. Google is not only the most popular search engine; it is now the first synonym that comes out in our head when thinking about a search engine. And since we use our mobile devices everywhere we go, we turn to Google quite often.

The people from Google are aware of that and try to make our mobile search experience more convenient and useful. Cheers to that! The mobile search page has always worked flawlessly, but I guess it was about time to be updated. This new mobile search design brings many innovations that hopefully will bring only good qualities to our mobile search experience.


1. The New Vision

The main change that occurs is that Google are abandoning their minimalistic search page and turn to the popular social media kind of feed. The rollout already started in North America and the Android and iOS users there probably have already seen their new ‘search’ news feed. Soon, everybody worldwide will have it.


2. The Social Media Taste

This news feed will show you personalized links, news, images, music, and videos related to previous searches made by the same user. There will be an option to ‘follow’ an interesting topic and thus add it to your feed. As we heard from Shashi Thakur(VP Engineering), this innovative news feed will be used to show trending topics in your area that are all based on your locals’ interactions with Google. So you will most probably see what is trending in your country, even if you’re not a fan – like on YouTube.

Of course, the new version uses responsive design so that it is viewed properly on all kind of devices.


3. What are the Doubts?

This type of customized feed is rather hard to be accomplished perfectly. Avoiding mistakes is hard even with all the mathematical equations or AI involved. Now, we can be sure that Google has tested this new feature very seriously. If we add the fact that Google+ also had this news feed “technology” in it, so this is no new ground for them.


4. What’s the Point in All This?

You might ask…why is Google doing all this? The aim is obvious, they want permanent Google users. Every big platform wants their users to stay on the platform. With the new responsive design, mobile users will be attracted even more. Shashi Thakur mentioned that the more we use Google, the more accurate the new feed will be.
With this new responsive design, Google’s mobile search engine enters into a new era. It adds a bit of social media flavor to the most widely used search engine. Google is hard to reach as a brand and it seems that they still tend to be innovative and be on top of the game. We will all see how this move will affect Google’s brand, but for sure the new features will be used.

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