Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan (Key Factors)

Nowadays, a modern business cannot go without a website. There are numerous important factors how to make this work right, but probably the most important is selecting the right web hosting plan for your business.

In today’s world there are websites for anything you can imagine. Web hosting services in Bend, Oregon are blooming, so if you are starting a business having a website is a must…and you cannot have a website without it being hosted somewhere. You might ask how can I find the best web hosting service provider in Oregon? In this article we are going to share the most important steps when setting up your website

How Important Is The Domain?

The most important thing you need to work out is what your web domain will be. A domain is the address that customers use to access your website. So it really needs to catch the essence of your business

What Type of Website Do I Need?

Static sites

Static sites will work for you if you intend to create simple websites. Basicaly you have to build your web pages(HTML pages) by writing code  using special software (such as Notepad++). After you are finished you will have to upload the pages to your web host‘s server. The real pain comes when you have to edit something on your website. In this situation you will need to edit all of your pages and upload them again – this is where the dynamic sites come in handy.

Dynamic sites

Dynamic sites are used for blogs, forums and photo galleries. This type of site is much more common these days due to the fact that editing your pages is just a breeze. Here you don‘t need to upload your HTML pages – you just have to install a web application.

This web application enables you to edit your web pages without using any overly complicated tools.Also by using this sort of web site you can allow your visitors to leave comments and let them start discussions. Discussions are a powerful tool sometimes.

What Is A Technological orientation?

Linux hosting

Also known as LAMP, is definitely the one that is used the most. LAMP stands for “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” . Most people use Linux hosting despite having a windows running computer. That’s because Linux hosting is genuinely cheaper, faster and faces no trouble by working with different operating systems.

Windows hosting

Also known as ASP is Microsoft’s developed technology for web applications that works only on windows. It’s recommended that you use this technology only if you want to use a web application written in ASP.

What Service Level Suits My Needs?

When it comes to service level we have a wide gamma of options that can be grouped like this:

Shared hosting – this is the most widespread method of hosting. It called shared because a number of websites share one huge server. They are isolated in the case of a security breach.

Virtual Private Servers – this method is similar because a large server hosts several websites again. The difference is that, this time the servers are absolutely isolated one from another.

Dedicated server – a dedicated server means a whole physical server just for your business. It can’t get any better than this!

Cloud hosting – with this method your website is hosted in the cloud and shares a multitude of servers with other websites

With the information given, choosing the more suitable Web Hosting Company in Eugene will be probably easier for you. You just need to sit down, start from scratch, think about your future plans, and figure out what suits your business. In any case hosting a Website with Bend Cloud will be a piece of cake because we will help you in making the right decision. The options are many but we can guide you towards the right one!

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