Windowsgeddon 10.0 (What to Expect)

Microsoft is poised to release EIGHT new versions of their newest operating system next week, in something I am calling “Windowsgeddon”. Consumers and Enterprises alike have shunned Windows 8 by downgrading new PC’s they purchased to Windows 7 pretty much across across the board, and those that didn’t downgrade found an awkward user interface and numerous security bugs, except if you purchased a Surface and then you couldn’t even downgrade.

Why is Microsoft releasing so many versions of Windows 10?

The Microsoft Windows platform has become very fragmented over the past 10 years trying to catch up to Google and Apple on touch screen mobile devices. With Windows 10, Microsoft is attempting the unify the Windows platform for ALL devices that currently run on the platform. This would include typical PC’s, Windows Phones, Microsoft Surface, Touchscreen laptops and even Point of Sale computers and ATM’s running Windows XP.


Should I Upgrade To Windows 10?

I believe most users will eventually upgrade to Windows 10 as long as there are not too many bugs being reported immediately after the product launch. Windows 10 should be a boon for industrial developers of POS systems and Automatic Teller Machines because of newly enhanced security features in Windows 10. If you have purchased a new PC in the last year with Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed and you are happy with the way your system in functioning, then there is not a compelling reason to upgrade at this time. If you are unhappy with Windows 8.1, then by all means you should upgrade as soon as you are able, as Windows 10 will fix many annoying issues with Windows 8.1.


Will my old software work if I buy a new PC with Windows 10 Installed?

In general I believe this will depend on how old your current PC is, and what versions of software you are running. If you purchased a new PC within the last two years and you are running current versions of installed software then you shouldn’t have many problems. If you haven’t purchased software upgrades in the last two years, you may be required to purchase the appropriate software upgrades. What is not known at this time, is if you purchase a new PC in the next year because of a hardware failure or simply want more performance, whether your software will function as you expect or whether you will be required to spend more money to upgrade your current software because of a hardware upgrade.


The Windows 10 Bottom Line …

You have a year from now to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8 at no charge. I would most definitely wait to upgrade unless there is a compelling reason to do so, which I have detailed above. Over the years Microsoft has unwittingly rewarded Windows users for NOT upgrading and I believe Windows 10 is no different, so wait as long as you can and you too will be rewarded by potentially saving significant money until your old PC gives up the ghost and goes to PC heaven.