Tablets in Business (Powering your business)

It has been only seven short years since Steve Jobs launched the original iPad in 2010, and tablets are challenging our very notion of Mobile and Cloud Computing with deep integrations into enterprise class applications with new and exciting technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). Web Designers today are having to integrate these new technologies in order to keep up with the rapidly changing “webscape”.

… So what does that have to do with iPads?
Weighing in at only one pound the iPad has become more powerful than most laptops sold today, but without all the clunky stuff no one needs in the mobile environment, like a physical keyboard and mouse. With the advent of 3D touch screens (the equivalent of a right click on a mouse), voice recognition, GPS tracking, gyroscopes, altimeters, always connected broadband, 8 hour run times, hi-res cameras and more, tablets are redefining how work gets done today.
For web developers and App developers these emerging technologies are offering many challenges to implement high performance web based technologies such as AI chatbots, facial recognition biometrics, intelligent ecommerce, employee time tracking, voice driven Apps, etc. There are already many Apps and off the shelf plugins available for web developers to take advantage of, but need to be integrated into the web frameworks that we currently use today.
As the reasons to remain chained to a desk top computer with a 300+ watt power supply and massive screens are becoming fewer and fewer as we become accustomed to getting work done wherever we may be on the job, not just at a desk. As a result, workforce productivity is skyrocketing as these tablets have increasingly become a valuable tool for all types of business.
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