Trends for SMB IT Services (Enhanced Local Security 2016)

With all the publicity surrounding some very high profile data breaches recently you can bet that this will be #1 on most people’s list for IT services in 2016, if it isn’t already. Everything from compliance audits to wireless infrastructure and data storage security will come into play this year. By all accounts being hit by a data breach is not a matter of if your company ever has a data breach, but when it has a data breach!

So you should count on a breach happening at some point and to some extent. You may not even know it ever happened, so it is a wise policy to have a robust layered approach to your data security plan. And in particular to have a robust disaster recovery and remediation plan as well as a business continuity plan. Bend Cloud’s IT services can help you protect your data from being breached and give you peace of mind that your business will thrive no matter what happens. Managed IT Services allows Bend Cloud to Monitor and Report Network Breaches and Network Activity. Managed IT Services provides a higher level security at a lower price.

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