The Powerful Play Goes On … R.I.P. Robin Williams

That The Powerful Play Continues …And you May Contribute a Verse. What Will Your verse Be?

Robin Williams gave humanity so much it that seems sometimes it is impossible to quantify. At the same time it seems shocking and unfathomable that the person we knew, so full of life energy, could choose to end it so abruptly.

When the “What will your verse be?” TV ad from Apple was running last year I felt it was one of the best commercials from Apple since the “1984” commercial that launched the Macintosh.

Robin was very passionate about Apple Computer in the early days of Apple and he continued with the iPad commercials. Often times he would entertain at Apple Employee events, and hang out at the Apple Campus because I believe he was drawn to the passion that was Apple at that time, and that continues today.

The “What Will Your Verse Be?” commercial embodied the aspirations of all of us technologists, which is to use technology to somehow improve the sorry state of the “human condition”. The innate ability of technology to accelerate the growth of the human mind and nurture the human spirit in all it’s capacities is the ultimate fulfillment of technological innovation.

I am posting the YouTube version of the commercial here because I want to be able to come back to watch it from time to time and be inspired ..


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