High Tech Resolutions

Everybody has new years resolutions but I thought I would expound on some of my personal resolutions for this year. There are many things that have were noteworthy high tech trends in 2013 but none as strong as the need for privacy and security, so it stands to reason my top resolutions are security related:

Bend Cloud High Tech New Years Resolutions:

  1. Get Better Internet Security
    • Industrial Strength Fire Wall
    • SSL Certificate Encryption for all Web Sites
  2. Backup my backups with encrypted backups
  3. Upgrade my Wi-Fi to 802.11AC with encryption
  4. Buy a NEW Mac Pro
  5. Get a 6” iPhone because my fingers are too big! (Or my phone is too damn small!)
  6. Double encrypt private information  the Cloud
  7. Upgrade my internal SSD to 1TB
  8. Mine for Bit Coins
  9. See #1
  10. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 (Sic)

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