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    The Rise of the Tablets in Business

     It has been only seven short years since Steve Jobs launched the original iPad in 2010, and tablets are challenging our very notion of Mobile and Cloud Computing with deep integrations into enterprise class applications with new and exciting technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). Web Designers today are having to integrate these new technologies in order to keep up with the rapidly changing “webscape". 

    … So what does that have to do with iPads?

    AMP and PWA - A recipe for Mobility success in 2017-18

    There are all the more reasons to believe that PWAs and AMPs will soon be the mainstream technology for mobile commerce with endless possibilities in which they will get adopted. As we speak, Aliexpress, Guardian, eBay, and Amazon have already implemented it. Thus, we believe that a combination of AMP and PWA will replace mobile websites in the near future.

    However, for small businesses and start-ups, the most reliable part of the business will be responsive web designs that they can continue doing their business and adapt to these new technologies with time as they progress and become stable enough to move their stores on them.

    With the advent of Mobility, we are seeing a greater penetration of mobile websites and mobile applications. It is an understatement to say that “Mobility is the Future” for the world.

    Having said that, current mobile websites and mobile applications though, are mobile friendly and responsive, they are ill equipped to deal with large user data and rapidly changing user evolution that requires an instant connection for better conversation and purchasing. Most experts agree with the fact that, there is a gap in the technology that prevents faster user conversation and engagement.

    Google Redesigned Its Mobile Search Page And Its Not What You Expected

    Everybody knows that Google is the number one search engine and this is no coincidence. The people from Google still want to surprise their users with innovative decisions and their new mobile search engine brings something new to the package. The new and improved responsive design adds a news feed to your starting search page that will show trending topics from your area. This new feature won't be everyone's cup of tea but it's only a matter of time until a huge amount of people start to use it. Time will tell.

    In today’s advanced technology times everybody uses high-end mobile devices and search engines. Everybody is aware what Google is, and this is no coincidence. Google is not only the most popular search engine; it is now the first synonym that comes out in our head when thinking about a search engine.  And since we use out mobile devices everywhere we go, we turn to Google quite often.

    What Are the Key Factors When Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan

    Nowadays, a modern business cannot go without a website. There are numerous important factors how to make this work right, but probably the most important is selecting the right web hosting plan for your business.

    In today’s world there are websites for anything you can imagine. Web hosting services in Bend, Oregon are blooming, so if you are starting a business having a website is a must…and you cannot have a website without it being hosted somewhere. You might ask how can I find the best web hosting service provider in Oregon? In this article we are going to share the most important steps when setting up your website

    How Important Is The Domain?

    The most important thing you need to work out is what your web domain will be. A domain is the address that customers use to access your website. So it really needs to catch the essence of your business

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