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    5 Web Design Errors That Affect SEO Efforts Badly, Did You Know That?

    In today’s online business practices we have to take many things into consideration. Some of them are vital, others not that important but everything needs to be taken into account.

    And when we regard the client - the web design and the SEO are of most importance. One might say that they are the two sides of the same coin, and one won’t be wrong.

    Sometimes when we improve our site’s web design, our SEO suffers and there are some mistakes that are, unfortunately, quite common. It is not worth it! In this article, we will share the most popular mistakes, why they are bad for us and how to avoid them successfully.

    Apple Pay


    7 interesting facts about Apple Pay

    As thought leaders in the area of payment processing and security I thought it would be helpful to explain Apple Pay and some of the surrounding considerations.At Bend Cloud we pride ourselves in offering customers the CHEAPEST payment processing on the planet and this is what you need to know about Apple Pay:

    1) Apple Pay is a payment technology, not a payment method

    Payment technologies are very different than payment methods. MasterCard and Visa are payment methods that underwrite the credit that is being issued when you purchase goods with a typical credit card, versus a debit card which is guaranteed by the funds in your bank account.

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