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    7 interesting facts about Apple Pay

    As thought leaders in the area of payment processing and security I thought it would be helpful to explain Apple Pay and some of the surrounding considerations.At Bend Cloud we pride ourselves in offering customers the CHEAPEST payment processing on the planet and this is what you need to know about Apple Pay:

    1) Apple Pay is a payment technology, not a payment method

    Payment technologies are very different than payment methods. MasterCard and Visa are payment methods that underwrite the credit that is being issued when you purchase goods with a typical credit card, versus a debit card which is guaranteed by the funds in your bank account.

    Windowsgeddon 10.0 - What to Expect?

    Microsoft is poised to release EIGHTnew versions of their newest operating system next week, in something I am calling “Windowsgeddon”. Consumers and Enterprises alike have shunned Windows 8 by downgrading new PC’s they purchased to Windows 7 pretty much across across the board, and those that didn’t downgrade found an awkward user interface and numerous security bugs, except if you purchased a Surface and then you couldn’t even downgrade.

    Why is Microsoft releasing so many versions of Windows 10?

    The Microsoft Windows platform has become very fragmented over the past 10 years trying to catch up to Google and Apple on touch screen mobile devices. With Windows 10, Microsoft is attempting the unify the Windows platform for ALL devices that currently run on the platform. This would include typical PC’s, Windows Phones, Microsoft Surface, Touchscreen laptops and even Point of Sale computers and ATM’s running Windows XP.

    Should I Upgrade To Windows 10?

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