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    2016 Trends for SMB IT Services

    #1 Trend

    Bend Cloud Security

    Enhanced Security

    With all the publicity surrounding some very high profile data breaches recently you can bet that this will be #1 on most people’s list for IT services in 2016, if it isn’t already. Everything from compliance audits to wireless infrastructure and data storage security will come into play this year. By all accounts being hit by a data breach is not a matter of if your company ever has a data breach, but when it has a data breach!

    Windows 10: What Should You Do?

    Since Windows 10 arrived last week we have heard many oDowngrade to Windows 7f the pundits gush over the newborn, but in reality it appears that Windows 10 is nothing more than Windows 7 with a few added features. Features that you may, or may not want or need. Some disturbing features of Windows 10 are that it will have facial recognition built in and will automatically share your Wifi network passwords with Facebook “friends”. Don’t get me wrong I love Facebook, but why would I want to automatically share network passwords?

    So if you get a new computer with Windows 10 you will want to spend significant amount of time disabling certain features and eliminating all the adware and “free trials” that comes with the typical big box store consumer computers. You will want to be sure to disable some extra creepy features like “Wifi Sense”, “Bandwidth Sharing” and “Getting to Know You” and several others that can ultimately leave your computer less secure.

    Can I still buy a new computer with Windows 7?

    Windowsgeddon 10.0 - What to Expect?

    Microsoft is poised to release EIGHT new versions of their newest operating system next week, in something I am calling “Windowsgeddon”. Consumers and Enterprises alike have shunned Windows 8 by downgrading new PC’s they purchased to Windows 7 pretty much across across the board, and those that didn’t downgrade found an awkward user interface and numerous security bugs, except if you purchased a Surface and then you couldn’t even downgrade.

    Why is Microsoft releasing so many versions of Windows 10?

    The Microsoft Windows platform has become very fragmented over the past 10 years trying to catch up to Google and Apple on touch screen mobile devices. With Windows 10, Microsoft is attempting the unify the Windows platform for ALL devices that currently run on the platform. This would include typical PC’s, Windows Phones, Microsoft Surface, Touchscreen laptops and even Point of Sale computers and ATM’s running Windows XP.

    Should I Upgrade To Windows 10?

    Bend Cloud partners with Docker!

    By now many of you have been hearing about Cloud based software Containers and a company called Docker that is currently a nascent but yet Bend Oregon Web Designdominant player in the "container software" industry today.

    So what is Docker and why is it important?

    The Docker company has announced a container standardization initiative called Open Container Project (OCP) resulting in a highly efficient run time environment for cloud based software applications. This allows software developers to create software applications that will be able to run in a variety of Cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and others, thereby enabling the deployment of applications which are independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider.
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