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    The Powerful Play Goes On ... R.I.P. Robin Williams

    That The Powerful Play Continues ...And you May Contribute a Verse. What Will Your verse Be?

    Robin Williams gave humanity so much it that seems sometimes it is impossible to quantify. At the same time it seems shocking and unfathomable that the person we knew, so full of life energy, could choose to end it so abruptly.

    Is Dr. Dre The New Steve Jobs?

    Apple's recent purchase of Beats Music has been panned by numerous pundits as a distraction and not the right investment that Apple needs, etc. I have to tell you that I think it was a brilliant strategic move on Apple's part in the high stakes game of high tech chess moves.
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    Over the past few years I have been watching the rise of Beats Electronics and have been amazed at where they have taken their products. Let's face it, any company that can sell a $1000 pair of headphones has got some serious mojo in the marketplace. Then Beats was actually able to help HTC sell a significant amount of  handsets with the Beats branding, something HTC had serous difficulty with up until that point against the Samsung juggernaut.
    It was at that point I could see a huge "chink" in Apple's armor and Beats was exploiting it brilliantly. What is that chink in Apple's armor that Beats figured out? ...

    Samsung Galaxy S5 a Flop ... ?

    Was the recent launch of the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S5 considered to be a flop by top Samsung executives?
    It seems somewhat inconceivable to me that such a popular product could be considered a flop, but this Reuters news article which aired on May 8, 2014 declared:
    "The Galaxy S5, which debuted globally last month, has received a lukewarm response from consumers due to its lack of eye-popping hardware innovations, while its plastic case design has been panned by some critics for looking cheap and made out of a conveyor belt. The Wall Street Journal said the gold-colored back cover on the S5 looked like a band-aid."


    Y4814 = April 8, 2014 = Armageddon.Lightspeed-Retail-POS-bendcloud

    So what does Y2K have to do with Y4814???

    If you have been listening to all the fear mongering coming out of Redmond, WA recently you probably know that the world ends today, and if you continue to run Windows XP you will surely end up in hell, or worse, basically this is some kind of a Y2K scare. You'll remember that Y2K from a technological perspective had already been accomplished some 5 years before Y2K actually hit. Y2K was a huge boom for Microsoft as well as the years leading up to Y2K. Why? Everyone was forced to upgrade before year 2000 because your computer would just stop working due to the Y2K software glitch.

    Having lived and worked in Silicon Valley from the early eighties to late nineties I truly believed that Microsoft did not have Y2K in mind when they wrote DOS in the late seventies and were only merely saving disk space by not carrying the fourth digit to designate the year, or even had the foresight to cook up a PR bonanza like Y2K. But feast on Y2K they did, as well as the whole "PC" industry for that fact, and Microsoft reaped the rewards of the entire Y2K fiasco.

    Fast forward 15 years.

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