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    Top 5 SMB Technology Trends in 2017

    Happy New Year!Every January we take a fresh look at trends for the new year, and 2017 is no exception. So we polled our customers about the technology challenges they were facing in their business and translated that into a list of trends that will most likely affect SMB’s in the coming new year.

    Below are our Top 5 Trends for 2017:
    • 1) “Moving to the Cloud” becomes A high SMB priority in 2017
    • 2) SMB “Mobile First” Continues As Mobile Devices Become Indispensable Business Tools
    • 3) Customized Enterprise Class Mobile Apps for SMBs become a reality
    • 4) SMBs Upgrade On-Site IT with Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
    • 5) IoT Moves to Reality for Early-Adopter SMBs as the IoT ecosystem Blossoms

    In future Blogs I will address these topics in detail or by email newsletter in the coming weeks.


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