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    In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we use a technique called “page optimization” and is used primarily to optimize a page for a certain keyword. Usually this involves altering the page to have the keyword in the title & H1 tag, improve keyword density of the keyword in the page. Bend Oregon SEOMaybe add it as an alt text to one of the images. Having it in the keywords meta tag and description tag, etc. So, a typical scenario could be when someone who optimized a particular page and sees that he has a page ranking pretty well for a certain keyword. Next logical step is to make sure the page is well optimized for that keyword.

    At Bend Cloud we use SheerSEO which enables you to find how you rank for a specific location based on US zip code (5 digits number). You can either set that from the search terms screen, effecting only specific keywords you need, or can set the default localization for the website and have all added keywords affected by that default.

    This allows Bend Cloud to help move your website Design to a page 1 SERP resulting in much more traffic and click through conversions.

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      useful info

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      With PPC, you effectually skip over the middle circle which cost you. By avoiding your prospects’ inboxes, you’re only competing with marketers on a SERP, a pertinent website on the GDN, or Facebook / Instagram. You’re also getting a leg up on your contestants, who are probably only using an automatic email funnel to nurture prospects (if they’re doing it at all).

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